Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My First Portrait Sketch

...done by my dear friend and former classmate of mine at Fashion Institute of the Philippines... Andrea Dela Cruz.  This was done last Saturday, while having our first try out art session together at Red Mango, somewhere Fort Bonifaciio. We where so excited to try our newly bought Stabilo colored pens, including the Metallic pens by Sharpee.  Here are  some of the pics taken during our Art bonding and my Portrait Sketch done by her.  Hope you like it.


I am looking forward  to do this again...:)

Monday, March 10, 2014

My Son Vince Joins The Search for Mr. C A S T 2014

My January 2014 started with my son's 1st time experience as candidate for Mr. CAST 2014.  He was requested to join to represent his College, which is  College of Arts and Science and Technology at De La Salle Araneta University .  At first I was telling him not to join because it is expensive and my budget for this year is not so good.  I am raising alone my 4 kids.  Two of them are now in college, one is in secondary year, and my only daughter is now elementary.  But anyway, to make the story short.  He joins the search for Mr. CAST  2014.

I admit, I am excited and for the first time, I experienced this wonderful event.  I am not saying that my son Vince Alfred is very handsome, but for me he is (of course! :) )  Let me share some of his pictures during the event.

One of the plan is not to spend a lot of money for the pageant.  So I let him use some of my RTW stocks from my online store "The Glam House Fashion Depot".  He said he needs some preppy outfits for the fashion show.   He don't usually wear this kind of attire.  He usually wears simple plain shirt and jeans.  Bold prints and colors is something new to him.

During the fitting, I learned that pleasing your own kid is indeed more challenging than other people.  I almost give up actually.  I even ask other members of the family for their opinion and ask them to help me get approval from  Vince on what to wear.

   "Nope!" I heard him say this a lot during the fitting.

Finally...after series of Preppy attire, this is the one he chose.   See the smile :)  ?

Next Step...For the TALENT SHOW!!!!?????

Now I am worried!.  I know he is shy type of guy...and prefers basketball and DOTA.  At first he wants to sing with his guitar.  And I doubt it so much because he is just a beginner when it comes to guitar playing.   But what I know he is good in whistling.  So I suggested the song " Patience" by Guns n Roses.  He did practice that song and he is actually sound good.  But he feels the song is too old for him. So few hours before the Talent show, he downloaded a karaoke version of "Na 'yo Na Ang Lahat" by  Daniel Padilla.  Here are some pictures

Because of the screaming of  his classmates and schoolmates, he is having a hard time to keep up from the beat.  Although, he got the highest score for the Audience Impact.  And that's another new experience for him. 

After the Talent Show, the Coronation Night of Mr. & Ms. CAST 2014.  Let me share some of his picture during that event.

Of Course, He needs to put make up before the Pageant...again this is his first time to wear Make-up.  Thanks to my sister-in-law.  Because I wasn't at the pageant.  I feel sorry I missed this one.  But from time to time I am texting him before the show.  And I was so touch that he called me few minutes before the show begins.

Preparing for the PREPPY ATTIRE !

This one...SPORTS!

And He got the "Mr. Charity" Title for selling most of the tickets.  Thanks to my office mates  who are so generous to buy the ticket.  Each ticket is worth P20.00.

and now the Question & Answer Portion!!!!  This is when they will wear the Formal Wear Attire.

and He got the 1st Runner-up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 ...and everybody is Happy :)
most especially Me

Picture source:  Random photographers, from Camillesuarez photography, some pictures are shots by my own camera